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Meet Heather

You probably know someone like Heather.

She is a graduate of Linganore High School, a proud mother, and a current FCC student. Like many students, Heather faces the universal challenge of balancing family responsibilities, education, and work.

Heather committed to higher education so she can earn a meaningful healthcare certificate and better provide for her two young children. Facing an emergency financial hardship, Heather found herself unable to pay for both her education and child care. Admirably, but unfortunately, Heather would have to prioritize her children’s needs over her own goals, and postpone her education.

Thanks to donors like you, that's not how Heather's story ends. By donating to the FCC Foundation, generous community members helped Heather when she was in dire straits. The FCC Foundation provided funds to Heather, and now she is able to pursue her educational goals, while also securing care for her children. Financial help made possible by kind donors has given Heather the chance to succeed. She has made it to her classes on time every day, and is excited for her new direction in life.

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