FCC Solicitations

To access a bid solicitation or associated document, please first click on the highlighted solicitation number in the first column. If issued and posted, addendum documents would be listed under the addendum column of this page. When available, click on the highlighted solicitation number to view the addendum documents.

To access the bid tab information click the highlighted link in the Bid Tabs column.

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Addendum Due Date Bid Tabs
Strategic Planning Consulting Services
RFP 20-FS-01
2:00 PM
Moving Services
RFP 19-FP-20
Addendum 1 RFP 19-FP-20
2:00 PM
Construction Manager at Risk with GMP, Building L Renovation/Addition
RFP 19-FP-19
Addendum 1 RFP 19-FP-19
Addendum 2 RFP 19-FP-19
2:00 PM
Architect Engineering (AE) Services for Building L Renovation/Addition
RFP 19-FP-18
Addendum 1 RFP 19-FP-18
Addendum 2 RFP 19-FP-18
2:00 PM
Server and Storage Replacement
RFP 19-IT-01
Addendum 1 RFP 19-IT-01
2:00 PM
Buildings A/B/C Flat Roof Replacement and Building H Repairs
RFB 19-FP-12
Addendum 1 RFB 19-Fp-12
Addendum 2 RFB 19-FP-12
2:00 PM
Student Center Interior Painting, Flooring & Signage
RFB 19-FP-08
Addendum 1 RFB 19-FP-08
Addendum 2 RFB 19-FP-08
2:30 PM
Student Center Lounge Furniture Replacement
RFB 19-FP-17
Addendum 1 RFB 19-FP-17
2:00 PM