Please read these IMPORTANT APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS before filling out on-line application.

  • Only fill out application once.  Do not re-send after initial submission.
  • DO NOT fill out on-line application if you are a current FCC student (have attended any semester within the last two years).
  • DO NOT use on-line application to change your major.  It does not change your major.  Contact Welcome and Registration Center at (301) 846-2431 about how to get a Change of Major form.
  • DO NOT fill out application if you have forgotten your student ID number and want it mailed to you.  Contact Admissions at (301) 624-2716 or to learn how to get your student ID number.

Applicant Name Section:
Please use your full given name - NO nicknames.  Only fill in the Previous Name section if your name has changed.

General Information Section:
Your Social Security Number is required to fill out the on-line application.  If you do not have a SSN or choose not to give it, you can download a paper application to fill out and submit.  If you are a non-US citizen who was assigned an A number, this is not a Social Security Number and shouldn’t be entered as one.

Current Address Section:
Let us know the amount of time that you personally have lived at your address.  Residency is determined at the time the application is submitted.  Please note that if you state that you have been at this address for three months or less, you will be charged out-of-county or out-of-state tuition(depending on previous address) until you bring documentation proving your current address to the Admissions Office.  Documentation must be submitted PRIOR to the start of the semester showing you have been at your address for at least three months before the start of the semester to fulfill the residency requirement.  Acceptable forms of proof are:

  • Ownership or rental of local living quarters in which the student resides, such as a property management lease or mortgage
  • Substantially uninterrupted physical presence, including the months when the student is not in attendance at the college
  • Maintenance in Maryland and in the county of all, or substantially all, of the person’s possessions
  • Payment of Maryland state and local piggyback income taxes on all income earned, including income earned outside the jurisdiction
  • Registration to vote in Frederick County and/or the state
  • Registration of a motor vehicle in the state, with a local address specified, if the person owns such a vehicle
  • Possession of a valid Maryland driver’s license, with a local address specified, if the person is licensed anywhere to drive a motor vehicle, or a valid Maryland MVA-issued ID
  • Military personnel stationed at Fort Detrick can submit a letter from the education office attesting to a three month in-county residence, or official military orders indicating a Fort Detrick domicile.

Citizenship Section:
Choose whether you are a United States citizen or a non-US citizen.  If you are a non-US citizen holding a Permanent Resident Alien card, or, are in the US on a visa, you will need to present the card or visa and proof of residency to the Admissions Office prior to the start of the semester to have your tuition adjusted from out-of-state to in-county or out-of-county.

  I have read and understand the information above and am ready to fill out the online application form. .