Student Refunds Eligibility for a tuition refund is based on the date of your withdrawal. See the Academic Sessions on page 1 for those dates. The student refund process begins after the second week of classes Students who pay with a credit card will be refunded directly back to the card All Financial Aid and scholarship refunds greater than 60 days and all other academic refunds will be refunded through BankMobile to a selected bank account Visit refundselection.com to set up your banking information to ensure your refund preference is activated For more information, please contact Student Finance at 301 846 2456 or BankMobile at 1 877 405 1856 Additional information regarding tuition refund appeals is shown in the Tuition and Fees Policy and Procedures If you purchased course materials from the FCC Bookstore for a class you have dropped, and want a refund, please visit bookstore.frederick.edu and submit a Return Request Form Requests for refunds are submitted at the time the course is dropped Complete details are available online Senior Citizen Tuition Benefit Policy Students age 60 and older who are Maryland residents may take classes on a graded or audit basis at FCC if they register beginning July 30, 2022 for Fall 2022 semester. Students receiving this Tuition Benefit must meet all the required course prerequisites Students must pay fees See the Tuition & Fees on page 2 for an explanation of fees and payment due dates You can register before this date to reserve space, but you will have to pay full tuition and will not be eligible for the tuition-free benefit There is no waiver of fees Students with Disabilities with TuitionWaiver HB104, enacted by the 2011 Maryland General Assembly, redefines the tuition waiver for community college students with disabilities as those out of the work force by reason of total and permanent disability HB104 supersedes previous legislation and proposes significant changes to Section 16-106c of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland HB53, effective July 1, 2012, allows for Continuing Education & Workforce Development students to receive disability waivers for qualifying classes Eligibility for this tuition waiver is as follows: Any resident of Maryland who is out of the workforce due to total and permanent disability who enrolls in a class that has at least ten regularly enrolled students is exempt from payment of tuition as defined in Section 16106, Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland An individual can take up to 12 credits per semester if enrolled in classes as part of a degree or certificate program designed to lead to employment Individuals not enrolled in a degree or certificate program will be limited to six credits per semester In order to receive this waiver of tuition: 1 An individual must provide the College with certification of their total and permanent disability from the Social Security Administration, the Railroad Retirement Board, or in the case of a former federal employee, the Office of Personnel Management 2. Individuals enrolled in a degree or certificate program must apply for any state or federal student financial aid Payment for all course fees will be required in order to have classes held Please refer to the payment chart listed within the Financial Aid section a Any student financial aid, other than a student loan, received by the student shall be applied first to pay the individual’s tuition b. The waiver shall apply to the difference, if any, between the charge for tuition and the financial aid award, not including a student loan that the individual receives FINANCIAL AID The Financial Aid Office at Frederick Community College is committed to providing a high level of service to support students in achieving their academic goals by helping to remove the financial barriers to college attendance Our Financial Aid staff (301 846 2620) can help you consider all options and sources for funds including scholarships, grants, work-study opportunities, and different types of loans Students can only receive financial aid for courses that are required for their declared degree program Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to ensure they are enrolled in required course work Application Process 1 Complete the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at fafsa gov and list the school code in step 6 (002071) Deadline to apply is June 30, 2023. 2 Upon receipt of your FAFSA data, Financial Aid will contact you regarding eligibility and/or to request additional documentation Students who are selected for verification will be required to submit additional documentation such as IRS Tax Transcript Students should check their “To Do” list in PeopleSoft under the TASKS tile for a list of required documents It is strongly recommended that requested documentation be faxed or emailed at 301 624 2886 or [email protected] edu 3 Students who wish to pursue their student loan eligibility are required to complete additional steps The loan application process is outlined at www frederick edu/cost-financial-aid/financial-aid/direct-loan-informationapplication-process aspx If you apply after the deadline and your file has not yet been processed, it is your responsibility to make payment arrangements Detailed information on all financial aid programs can be found at frederick edu under Paying for College Attendance Requirement Students receiving financial aid must attend courses to qualify for their awards Failure to attend will result in the student owing a balance with the College Students will no longer be administratively expunged for non-attendance and must drop their courses prior to the 100% refund date for their sessions if they do not attend Recommended deadlines for the Fall 2022 semester: A financial aid file is considered complete when all required documents have been received Students will be able to view their financial aid awards in PeopleSoft For students who have a complete file but have not yet been awarded by the payment due date there are payment plan options available, and based on your file, you may qualify for the Pending Financial Aid payment plan until classes begin If you register for classes between FAFSA and all required documentation must be completed by April 15 - August 5 July 1, 2022 August 6 - August 20 July 1, 2022 August 21 and after Must pay in full or enroll in payment plan * Please refer to pages 2-3 for payment deadlines and drop zone information. 11 Frederick Community College • Fall 2022 Credit Schedule • frederick edu • 301 846 2400