Dear Colleague: Welcome to the Frederick Community College community! At FCC, we respect the dignity of employees and appreciate individual contributions to our success. You are a valued team member of a College that is proud of its culture, traditions, and accomplishments. As an employer, Frederick Community College recognizes the importance of a work environment that is conducive to carrying out our mission. This means having comprehensive, fair, and clear personnel policies. At FCC, we strive to provide competitive compensation and benefits. Our culture fosters a work environment that supports open communication and collaboration. All FCC employees are required to abide by the Employee Handbook and all College policies and procedures . This handbook may not provide an answer to every question, or serve as the basis for all decisions. We encourage you to talk with your supervisor and to ask questions. Specific employee groups have additional guidelines and expectations explained in their respective operational manuals, handbooks, or guides. Human Resources provides a full range of personnel services, including recruitment, compensation and benefit administration, employee development, and employee relations. Please contact a member of Human Resources with any questions. On behalf of the Human Resources staff, welcome! We wish you all the best for a successful and rewarding employment experience.