2023-2024 Employee Handbook with Faculty Addendum BOT _updat

48 System Access On the last day of employment, employee email and access to phone, and access to other FCC systems will be discontinued. When an employee separates from employment, there are a number of areas that require action by the supervisor in order to ensure continuity of work responsibilities that the separating employee is no longer performing. The supervisor will: 1. Notify HR who will initiate the request to IT for deactivation of the employee’s accounts. These may include: a. Email b. PeopleSoft c. Blackboard d. Telephone/Voicemail e. Any other IT resources 2. Notify HR as soon as possible if the final day physically at work is different from final date of employment as stated in the letter of resignation. 3. Review and submit form to change workflow approvals if needed. 4. Notify mailroom where to redirect mail. 5. Make arrangements to monitor voicemail and email of the separating employee. 6. Notify the appropriate people in the College community on how/to whom duties are reassigned. If a separating employee works in multiple areas, the actions and communication must be coordinated. Exit Process for Separating Employees Supervisors who have an employee who is voluntarily separating from employment with the College must secure the necessary signatures on the Employee Checkout Form and return it to Human Resources on or prior to the last day they are physically at work. The College conducts an exit survey for regular employees who are voluntarily separating from employment. The survey assesses the employee experience while employed at the College. Data from the surveys are reported in the aggregate. Responses to the survey will not be placed in the employee personnel file. In addition, employees may request a face-to-face exit interview with Human Resources. References Professional references are written on behalf of the College and are placed on College letterhead. Professional references are only to be completed by the employee’s current or previous supervisor. References submitted by someone other than the immediate supervisor are considered personal references and should not be placed on College letterhead.