Fundamentals of Electricity and Fluid Power This course focuses on basic principles of electricity, pneumatics, and hydraulics, and their use within the manufacturing environment, including how to work safely to decrease production downtime, improve efficiency, and increase output. This hands-on course teaches students how to design, build, test, and troubleshoot these systems using stateof-the-art training equipment and prepares students to be well-rounded machine operators/production technicians, with responsibility for efficient operation of equipment while ensuring that systems are running at maximum capacity. Students sit for nationally-recognized National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) certifications Fundamentals of Fluid Power – Hydraulics, Fundamentals of Fluid Power – Pneumatics, Fundamentals of Electricity – AC, and Fundamentals of Electricity – DC. PRD141 | 60 hours | $1200 ($905 tuition + $295 fees)* Visit frederick.edu/logistics for current class offerings. *In-county price. Maryland students residing outside of Frederick County are charged an additional $5 fee per course. Students residing outside the state of Maryland are charged an additional $10 per course. ENROLL NOW