6 ILR 55+ Registration opens December 5, 2022 THE ARTS & MUSIC ILR966 The Music of the Frederick Symphony Orchestra: Musical Feature by the Winner of the Young Artist Competition 1 session, 1.5 hours | 55+ Examine the music of a Frederick Symphony Orchestra concert through a lecture presentation, recorded music, and live demonstrations. Learn about the composer(s), ask questions, and engage in a conversation about the music. Then if you choose, attend the actual FSO concert. The concert date is Saturday, March 18 and tickets can be purchased directly through the FSO. Note: Course will meet on campus in an in-person environment. Instructor: David Howard 5-Digit Number: 24490 | Fri, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 3/3 Location: Visual & Performing Arts Center/F132 | Fee: $16 More sessions coming this spring! NEW LIR243 Inspired by Beethoven 4 sessions, 6 hours | 55+ Discover great musical geniuses of today that were inspired by Beethoven. Our musical journey takes us into less charted territories as we explore music from Golijov, Glass, and Bernstein. Never watch a TV show or commercial the same way again as you observe this expanded musical element in your life. Note: Course will meet on campus in an in-person environment. Instructor: Lynn Fleming 5-Digit Number: 24489 | Mon, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m., 3/27 - 4/17 Location: Braddock Hall, First Floor/KC100 Tuition: $15 | Fee: $59 | Total: $74 | MD residents age 60+ pay fee only ACR172 Introduction to Voiceovers 1.5 hours | 16 + Have you heard, “Wow, you have a great voice!”? Or listen to audiobooks, commercials, or cartoon characters and think, “I could do that!” Want to earn income using your talents from the comfort of your home? If so, then you could have what it takes to begin working as a professional Voiceover Artist. Explore the voiceover industry with a professional voice actor from the voice acting training company, Voices For All, in a one-on-one, personalized, video chat setting. Discover current trends and how easy and affordable it can be to learn, set up and work from home. In this introductory class, learn different types of voiceovers and the tools to find success. After class, you will have the knowledge necessary to help you decide if this is something you’d like to pursue. Note: The course date and time is scheduled at your convenience. You will be contacted no later than a week after registration to arrange a date/time for your one-on-one course. This Structured Remote Course (SR) is entirely online. Instructor: Voices For All 5-Digit Number: 24518 | Schedule at your convenience Location : Online | Fee: $49 SEN450 Exploring Watercolor Painting – Beginner/Intermediate 12 sessions, 24 hours | 55+ Delve into watercolor painting while exploring artistic abilities and learning new painting techniques. Move to new levels of achievement in a relaxed atmosphere of enjoyable sessions. Learn about composition, mixing colors, shading techniques, reflections, and more. Explore this rewarding activity and gain satisfaction from personal works of art. Beginning students are welcome and returning students will discover all-new content and instruction. A list of supplies needed will be provided to you prior to the start of the course. Supply costs vary from $25 - $100 depending on the quality and number of supplies purchased. Note: This course can be taken In-Person at a designated, oncampus location or entirely online as Structured Remote (SR). All students will be taught by the same instructor during the same scheduled class time. Instructor: Catherine Howard Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 2/3 - 4/28 | No Class: 3/24 Option 1: In-Person 5-Digit Number: 24527 | Location: Monroe Center/MC144 | Fee: $174 OR Option 2: Structured Remote (SR) 5-Digit Number: 24530 | Location: Online | Fee: $174 Evening Offering | Not yet retired? We offer classes during evening hours to better suit your schedule. Structured Remote Courses (SR) | Courses offered in an online format only. See page 3 for details. In-Person Courses | Courses taught in-person, on location, with specific class times. Details on page 3.