64 Employment Status A CEWD Adjunct Faculty Assignment Confirmation will be issued to CEWD Adjunct Faculty who are being given a teaching assignment prior to the start of classes each term confirming teaching assignment, compensation, and other details. The College may at times elect to subcontract instruction to incorporated businesses using the College procurement process. Compensation As part of the hiring process, the CEWD Adjunct Faculty will be assigned a pay rate by the CEWD Program Manager based on qualifications and the yearly CEWD Adjunct Faculty pay scale for each assigned class. Clinical/Field Experience staff in the Certified Nursing Assistant program are compensated according to an hourly rate . Identification Cards Identification cards may be required for specific assignments andcan be obtained at the Security Office in the Student Center (H Building). CEWD Adjunct Faculty must have their identification cards visible at all times when on FCC property. Conflicts of Interest and Non-Solicitation Agreement All CEWD employees must abide by the Employee Code of Ethics . In addition, some CEWD Adjunct Faculty may be asked to sign the Non-Solicitation Agreement. Course & Classroom Information  Copyright Information CEWD Adjunct Faculty must adhere to all copyright laws. See the Copyright Policy and Procedures .  Ownership of Course Materials and Course Outlines All course materials and outlines used in CEWD instruction are governed under the College Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures.  Field Trips For trips off-campus, out-of-state, or out-of-the-country, the instructor must follow the College Travel and Transportation Policy and Procedures and International Travel Policy and Procedures .  Absence from Class CEWD Adjunct Faculty must be present and on time for all scheduled class sessions. In cases of illness, emergency, or inclement weather, the instructor must notify the program staff as soon as possible prior to class start. Please defer to your program area on who and how students are contacted when an absence occurs. If a class is canceled due to CEWD Adjunct absence, the adjunct, in consultation with the Program Manager, is responsible for scheduling a makeup session. If a course is not taught for the contracted number of hours, adjustments will be made in the instructor’s compensation for the course. FCC reserves the right to bring in a substitute instructor as needed for the CEWD Adjunct Faculty absences in order to maintain class integrity and schedule. The substitute instructor will be paid directly by FCC. CEWD Adjunct Faculty pay will be