65 adjusted, based on type of instruction, to reflect the reduced number of instructional hours. If there is a facility problem, FCC will make every attempt to notify the instructor prior to arriving at the site. Missed classes will be rescheduled as possible. If the instructor arrives and discovers an issue with the site (flooding, lack of electrical power, etc.), the program area should be informed as soon as possible, as well as notifying Campus Security and/or 911. The Program Manager may choose to reschedule the class or to officially submit paperwork to reduce the course hours by subtracting the missed class time as appropriate.  Class Evaluation For non-credit courses, Adjunct Faculty are required to distribute course/instructor evaluation forms to all students during the last class of the course. The instructor should designate a student to distribute, collect and securely place evaluations in a separate envelope. The forms should be returned to the program area either in person or by mail no later than two business days after the last class. A copy of the results, as well as student comments and suggestions are available upon request. Adult Education and ESL course evaluations are completed in class by program staff at the end of each session. Co-listed sections of credit courses are evaluated using Blackboard.  Evaluation of Instructor Program Personnel may visit the class to observe and evaluate class preparation, presentation, and the learning process. These evaluations are meant to be constructive and helpful. Program Personnel will discuss the results of these observations and evaluations to provide feedback when warranted.