32 ILR 55+ Registration opens December 5, 2022 FREE Spring Courses continued ... ILR329 Russian History: The Big Picture 4 sessions, 5 hours | 55+ | In many ways, Russia is unique in both geography and history. A study in contrasts, the story of Russia’s people is one of great achievements set against unbearable tragedies. This “Big Picture” survey of Russia’s long history brings to light the patterns, trends, and key events that have brought us to the Russia of today and the world view of its people. Note: Course hosted by the Frederick Senior Center. This Structured Remote Course (SR) is entirely online. An email will be sent prior to the first class with detailed course information and class details. Upon registration, students may be advised that they also need to fill out a form with the Senior Center. Instructor: Ernest O’Roark 5-Digit Number: 24553 | Wed, 1:30 - 2:45 p.m., 1/4 - 1/25 Location: Online NEW LIR247 Armchair Escape Series: Indoor “Walking Tour” of Downtown Frederick 1 session, 2 hours | 55+ | Discover the world without having to having to deal with the hassles of travel. We will bring the locations to you. Our escapes are inspired by interesting locales and popular culture. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy a “walking tour” of downtown Frederick. Jeanne will provide you with some fascinating facts about our beloved city. The “tour” includes both past and present tidbits of history that will provide both amusement and insight. This class is a great review for those that participated in previous downtown walking tours and fun for those that missed them. Note: This Structured Remote Course (SR) is entirely online. Instructor: Jeanne McDermott 5-Digit Number: 24700 | Fri, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., 1/13 Location: Online NEW LIR247 Armchair Escape Series: Shakespeare and Company, A Parisian Bookstore 2 sessions, 4 hours | 55+ Let’s head to Shakespeare & Company and learn about those who have frequented this famous shop. This iconic Parisian bookstore originally opened in 1919 on the Left Bank, the store saw authors such as Hemingway, Joyce, and Fitzgerald join weekly literary salons. It has provided an unconventional hide-away for aspiring authors, called Tumbleweeds, who stay while they write and experience the special light of Paris. Note: Course will meet on campus, in-person. Instructor: Marcy Gouge 5-Digit Number: 24554 | Tue/Thu, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., 4/11 - 4/13 Location: Conference Center/E138 ILR860 Downsizing Simplified: Living Smaller and Loving It 3 sessions, 4.5 hours | 55+ Overwhelmed by stuff? This course will provide a jumping off point to living smaller and will cover all the major steps of the downsizing process. Expect group discussions addressing the challenges of sorting and parting with sentimental items. Expect to bring clarity to the variety of steps and time involved in downsizing a household. Live in comfort; not clutter! Note: Course will meet on campus, in-person. Instructor: Stacy Reno 5-Digit Number: 24569 | Tue, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m., 3/7 - 3/21 Location: Conference Center/E138 LIR234 Understanding Wireless Technology 4 sessions, 6 hours | 55+ Designed to help you better understand technologies that surround us and impact our lives. Learn easy-to-understand terms and discover the many ways technologies help, but also develop more realistic expectations about what they can and cannot do. Technical aspects will be kept to a minimum but a certain amount of technical content is inherent to this topic. Note: Course will meet on campus, in-person. Instructor: Guillermo Warley 5-Digit Number: 24605 | Thu, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m., 3/30 - 4/20 Location: Student Center/H210 The courses in this section were made possible by a generous donation from the Shirley Cruickshank Wolfe Fund. View full course descriptions at